About Us

Keenmas Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing a wide range of silver, metal brass and silver/10K or 14K gold jewelry products in 

Opal, Swarovski, Cubic Zirconia, Genuine semi-precious stones, Pearl/Mother of pearls, Turquoise/Coral, etc at WHOLESALE prices to retailers. Besides we also make regular supply for the vast quantity ordered importers worldwidely. So highly welcome you to visit us to benefit from a jewelry manufacturer.


Keenmas was set up in 2002 and started with the sale of opal jewelry to customers mostly in the America,  Australia.

We widened our market into the USA, Europe, Japan... and added more materials into merchandises we made from opal to kinds of stones in Brass gold-plated and Sterling Silver jewelry pieces. We were meeting different demands from importers, retailers there. We now keep developing, designing and making more inexpensive but elegant styles and quality great items for our customers and markets.

Highly welcome you to browse our products here. We hope all visitors can benefit from our competitive factory prices and guaranteed quality. Besides the periodical discount or cleaned sales are done all the way there. So suggest you to see "New arrival" on our website often.

We are expecting a chance to serve you at any time.  

Kenny Zheng

General Manager

Keennmas Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen China

Phone : +86 755 82129566

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